MRT Audio

PureSound MRT Audio Relaxation System
The provision of music during an MRI examination is acknowledged as a most useful relaxation aid for the sometimes apprehensive patient. This system provides a high quality stereo signal into the examination room without interfering with the scanner.
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Rundstrahlendes Mikrophon für Schalldruckpegelbeobachtung

Our Optimic™ fiber optical microphone is ideal for high sound pressure level (SPL) monitoring in MRI and other excessive noise environments. Optoacoustics’ unique MEMS design makes this the only commercial microphone that can be used during an MRI scan inside a patient’s ear defender or anywhere in the scanner room.

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MRT pneumatischer Kopfhörer
Ermöglicht dem Patienten während der Untersuchung Musik zu hören
660,00 EUR
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Adapter für Ein-Loch-Anschluss
Für MRT Systeme mit Ein-Loch-Anschluss
49,00 EUR
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