MRI articulated arm with tube holder and 3 joints

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● The exclusive use of antiferromagnetic materials ensures that the articulated arm with tube clamp does not interfere with or interfere with magnetic resonance imaging is produced

● MR conditional (conditionally MR-compatible)

● 3 Tesla


● based on aluminum silver, powder-coated aluminum tube with joints made of sturdy die-cast zinc

● flexible end piece - At the "head end" the articulated arm is connected with a flexible end piece with quick-release clamp made of die-cast zinc

● Quick-clamp for hose holder at the foot end - enables easy, fast and secure attachment of the hose holding arm to standard profile rails.


● made of black plastic, which is very robust and takes up to two beatmusschläche

● The ball joint of the hose holder is fixed in a quick-release clamp and brought into position

● 2 hose clamps


● Quick-clamping claw for mounting to standard profile rails allows easy, fast and secure attachment


● 3 joints, stretched length approx. 1400 mm