MRI transfer aid rollboard (180 cm)

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This product is suitable for re-use.

The rollboard is ideally suited for atraumatic, painless and low-friction transfer of seated and recumbent, e. g. heavy, particularly helpless or premedicated patients to a mobile shower trolley, a different bed, a trolley, different types of wheelchairs, an x-ray, examination or operating table.
Transfer is also possible over a short distance or over different heights.
Support for the transfer of patients with many drainages or with problems such as respiratory distress syndrome.
The cover can be washed in a washing machine (45 - 50° C). 
The board itself is very durable and can be cleaned with standard household cleansing products as well can be easily disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectants.
Scope of supply: Rollboard incl. cover
  • X-ray and MRI compatible
  • German TÜV approved
  • foldable, by folding the size can easily be reduced by half
  • measurements: length 1800 mm, width 500 mm, height 20 mm
  • weight: 3 kg
  • loadability: 200 kg

Material Rollboard:
Material cover: Nylon (coated),  latex free
Colour Rollboard: Graphite
Colour cover: red (optionally blue)
Roll load: max. 200 kg (with cover), with sliding foil: max. 300 kg
Pull load: max. 200 kg (with cover), with sliding foil: max. 300 kg

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