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Quadspect Module

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  • QuadSpect
Measuring the Quadriceps muscle during exercise The Quadspect module is suitable for... mehr
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Measuring the Quadriceps muscle during exercise

The Quadspect module is suitable for magnetic resonance and has been especially designed to stress-test the frontal femoral musculature in a magnetic resonance tube. The subject is therefore placed in a prone position on the basic platform (a Quadspect device in the supine position is also available). The frontal thigh muscles (Musculus quadriceps femoris, Musculus sartorius), which, together with other muscles, are responsible for locomotion, are some of the biggest and strongest muscles in the human body. The Quadspect module places a steady load on the frontal thigh muscle for a defined period of time during a magnetic resonance measurement. Resistance intensity can be controlled precisely and changed during the measurement. This allows the muscle to be examined during a standardised load in conjunction with advanced MR-technologies. During the MR measurement, the coil is firmly held in position on the pedal platform. This yields reproducible measurements of the same muscle segment over extended periods of time during longitudinal assessments of muscle function. Evaluation of muscle metabolism via magnetic resonance technology together with an assessment of the physiological work performed with the Ergospect module allows high-end applications to be carried out. The parameters assessed include force, frequency, work output and distance. The adjustment of the load is fully automated via a computer-assisted “feed-back-mechanism”. The Quadspect pedal can be used with a maximum standard torque of 110 Nm or with an optional upgrade of up to 250 Nm for sport-related medical examinations. The Quadspect module is available in a pull a push version.

In addition to questions related to metabolic disease and peripheral arterial disease, the Quadspect system has been used successfully in conjunction with questions relating to sports medicine, because it gives clear cross-sections of the major muscles. When this muscle section is exercised, the whole body is challenged and if high loads are applied, the body works at its physical limit. This systemic stress facilitates the assessment of the whole-body training status during the MR measurement. Thus, very diverse diagnostic areas and applications are possible with the Quadspect pedal.


The Quadspect module was designed as a user-friendly device for routine clinical examinations. The approximate setup time in the MRT is less than 5 minutes. The sophisticated design of the diagnostic pedal is the result of consistently applied anthropometry. The pedal platform allows the test subject to be positioned comfortably and securely. The ergonomically designed pedal allows the examined leg to undergo physiological plantar flexion while the other leg does not interfere with the measuring field in order to avoid artefacts. Although our primary focus was to optimise pedal function, we created a device with an aesthetically pleasing appearance at the same time.

Technical details

  • patient height up to 2 metres (6.6 foot)
  • standard torque 110 Nm
  • sportsupgrade 250 Nm
  • modular combination with Trispect and Glutspect modules
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