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MRT Relax & View® Bilderkollektion

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It is acknowledged that a relaxed patient will be more responsive to clinical examinations and... mehr
Produktinformationen "MRT Relax & View® Bilderkollektion"

It is acknowledged that a relaxed patient will be more responsive to clinical examinations and treatment. Furthermore, this reduction in stress may alleviate high blood pressure and reduce pulse rate for the apprehensive patient. This improved working environment also has benefits for staff.

The Relax & View® Image Collection achieves this by creating an illusion of three-dimensional views of the outside world, simulating natural light through walls and ceilings. The display panels are available in two separate models for wall and ceiling mounting.

  • Wall-mounted in landscape form to display scenic images.
  • Wall-mounted in portrait form in any number of picture window units to simulate natural light.
  • Ceiling-mounted with skylight images to create a feeling of openness and freedom.

Relax & View® panels were originally conceived to reduce the effects of claustrophopbia in MRI rooms which rarely have external windows. All units are tested to ensure artefact free scans but they can of course be placed in other hospital sites such as therapy treatment rooms, X-Ray departments and patient waiting areas.

The translucent natural and scenic images provide a pleasant distraction which may reduce costly repeat examinations caused by patient stress and restlessness. 

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