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Neusoft Sparkler 1,5 Tesla MRT

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  • NSM-S15
  NSM-S15 (Sparkler 1.5T)-Superconductive MRI System Comfortable, Ideal, Fast, and... mehr
Produktinformationen "Neusoft Sparkler 1,5 Tesla MRT"


NSM-S15 (Sparkler 1.5T)-Superconductive MRI System

Comfortable, Ideal, Fast, and Worry-free.

Sparkler 1.5T(NSM-S15) delivers the performance and application available at the investment & cost you expect, making 1.5T possible and easy to have.
A new 1.5T solution designed for you - Simple, Practical, and Affordable
Starting a new era for 1.5T MRI expands its application to more patients......

Let our advantages benefit you

Comfortable and easy patient experience by humanistic design

  • Extremely examination environment
    - Broad aperture increases air ventilation;
    - Reduced claustrophobia and phobia of patient during examination.
  • Extremely open positioning space
    - Bed can be lowered below 685mm to facilitate patients;
    - No machinery device under bed to facilitate doctors' positioning and placement operation.
  • Extremely quiet super-conductive system
    - SofTone gradient noise reduction technology to reduce noise for more patient care;
    - While guaranteeing imaging quality and clinical application, patients and operators will benefit from the process with improved comfort and examination efficiency.
  • Free full-body MR imaging
    - Integrated coil imaging increases patients' comfort;
    - No coil loss, efficient and safe.

Perfect balance of software and hardware and perfect combination of technology and clinical demand.

  • Excellent overall performance, originated from stable support from robust software and hardware systems.
    - On the NSM-S15 platform with srobust performance, exquisite processing and state-of-art technology are exhibited from magnet to computer. In particular, perfect balance of software and hardware is seen in the configuration of overall scanning toolkit.
  • Constantly refreshing acquisition record by efficient application of SENSE technology
    - SENSE parallel acquisition technology is a revolutionary contribution to MR quick acquisition technology. It is much faster than conventional methods, which helps boost imaging speed by increasing field intensity. Meanwhile, SENSE technology ensures acquisition of high-definition images within a short period of time.
  • Optimized workflow
    - Strong and easy-to-use application interface to effectively arrange scanning, display and post-processing;
    - Overall scanning toolkit and scanning protocol provides trust-worthy diagnosis basis.
  • Small installation footprint & easy maintenance
    - Typical layout with a small footprint;
    - Innovative and intelligent system design;
    - Easy for installation and convenient for operation and maintenance;
    - Modular RF screening and electromagnetic screening.

MRI System with superconducting magnet, short bore, large aperture and low LHe consumption magnet, SSEPI and heart cine achieved effectively as a result of exceptional gradient strength and slew rate,Superior resolution and rapid acquisition sequences such as: EPI, perfusion, diffusion, SE, GE, FSE, IR, MRA, CHESS, HASTE and more, advanced workstation-easily upgradable, userfriendly interface.  


  • suitable for various applications
  • Image is everything
  • Meet your expectation
  • Perfect performance
  • Less Invest and cost
  • Efficient work flow


Neusoft digital medical systems company Ltd.

China an emerging company with innovative imaging products for present and future.
Neusoft Digital Medical Imaging company is a division of the multi million dollar Neusoft group, basically the strongest IT company with maximum market share in software solutions all over China. Neusoft medical division manufactures and supplies MRI systems, CT scanners and basic radiology solutions for hospitals around the world.

Neusoft’s exclusives
• Philips has signed a joint venture to produce diagnostic imaging products in cooperation with Neusoft recently
• Neusoft has supplied and installed more than 300 CT scanners and 50 MRI systems in and around China in spite of emerging very lately.
• MRI range include 0.23T and 0.35T permanent magnet and 1.5T supercon systems
• CT includes single slice spiral, dual spiral, multi slice spiral with specialised software 

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