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16 Channel Flex Coils 1,5 T for SIEMENS

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  • NC057000
NeoCoil Flex Coils deliver the performance of high-density coils and the image quality of... mehr
Produktinformationen "16 Channel Flex Coils 1,5 T for SIEMENS"
NeoCoil Flex Coils deliver the performance of high-density coils and the image
quality of specialty coils. You no longer need to sacrifice quality for versatility.

For Your Patient
Soft, comfortable, and available in two sizes. Flex
Coils conform to your patient, instead of forcing
your patient to conform to a rigid coil.

Uncompromised Performance
Designed to achieve deep SNR better than dedicated
coils, with routine parallel imaging factors of 2 or more.

MRI images

For Your Budget
A single investment addressing wide range
of applications in the spine, body, upper
and lower extremities.

For the Clinician
Flex Coils expand clinical applications: from the routine:
hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and wrist to the difficult: long
bone, ABER shoulder and kyphotic spines.
Coils can be used independently or with the Siemens
Spine Matrix Coil to provide imaging solutions not
possible with dedicated coils.
“When scanning over 20 MSK exams in a single day, the
Flex Coils provide outstanding versatility in patient
comfort and allow me to achieve maximum patient
throughput. The coils consistently produce high
resolution images of anatomy that would otherwise be
difficult to image. “
- John K, Precision Imaging of New York


About NeoCoil
Founded by a radiologist, NeoCoil combines the clinical
disciplines of MRI and CT with RF, wireless and algorithm
design to deliver innovative solutions that streamline

image acquisition and diagnosis.

The NeoCoil 1.5T 16-Channel Flex Coils for Siemens are lightweight,

formable and versatile coils for high performance imaging of the upper
and lower extremities, chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine.
The coils deliver versatility and performance for all patients: large patients
are not forced into or pinched by hard plastic; image quality for small
patients is not compromised due to oversized coil housings.

These coils improve the patient and technologist experience while enabling
most exams to be completed with the same level of image quality
expected from dedicated coils.

This system consists of:
• Two formable, flexible antennae of different size that can be wrapped
or orientated flat, in order to accommodate different anatomic shapes and sizes.
• Optional accessories designed for patient comfort and
reduced motion artifacts.

Technical Features:
Each coil features 16 elements with integrated lownoise
preamplifier optimized to provide deep
penetration SNR that is as good as or better than
comparable rigid coils. An integrated strap allows each
coil to wrap around regular or irregular anatomy,
providing form-fitting comfort and immobilization. The
coils can also lie flat. Depending orientation, parallel
imaging acceleration factors of 2 or higher are

Array Specifications:
Large 16-Channel Flex Coil (1,5T)
Coverage:23 cm (width) x 70 cm (lenght)  
Wrap Diameter*15,5 cm - 21,5 cm

Small 16-Channel Flex Coil (1,5T) 
Coverage: 23 cm (width) x 48 cm (length)
Wrap Diameter*: 11,5 cm - 15,5 cm

*Each array may be overlapped for smaller FOV; likewise
array does not need to wrap completely.

System Requirements:
Compatible with Siemens 18 or 32 channel 1.5T
Espree MRI scanners with VB19A SH2 software or

16-Channel Siemens Flex Package includes:
• 1.5T 16-Channel Flex Coil, Large
• 1.5T 16-Channel Flex Coil, Small
• Small Flex Coil Pad Kit
• Knee stabilizer

NC057000   1.5T 16ch Siemens Flex Coil Set (M & L) w/Kit
NC052000   1.5T 16ch Siemens Small Coil
NC053000   1.5T 16ch Siemens Large Coil
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